WHITAKER KENT, LLP offers representation in family law matters including dissolution of marriage (divorce), parenting plan (custody), child support, domestic partnerships, dependency, parentage cases, parenting and child support modifications and relocation matters.

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling complex family issues. We offer individualized service and a customized approach to each case, as determined by attorney and client working together. While we believe agreement on all issues is conceptually the best outcome for clients, the firm has significant litigation experience and is prepared to litigate if an agreement beneficial to our client is not possible. Our professionals understand the emotions and stress inherent in family law matters and are experienced in helping the client cope and manage these difficulties.

We are experienced in dealing with all financial aspects of family law cases, including business and professional practice valuations, retirement assets, real property valuation, maintenance issues, and tracing separate property. We recommend and utilize outside forensic experts when appropriate or necessary. We’ll explain the options, give recommendations, explain the basis for the recommendations, and then the client makes the final decision.

It’s your life and family and you should obtain the best representation possible for your situation. Our team is ready to help you.

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